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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

All the way home movie. Go here

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Hi ya peeps...

So i stuck together a load of little video clips i made on my mobile phone while i was on that cycling trip following the River Thames with the original version of "lonely little petunia" i did. Some of you saw it lst night on the "Six feet under episode "the dare" last night. I had a few emails to hear it again. This is the version i did that I like the most xx if some of you prefer the one you heard i'll get round to sticking that one up too...

I went to an amazing Prom tonight at the Royal Albert Hall. Evelyn Glennnie was the percussionist for this amazing piece by a composer called Tan Dun (also wrote the soundtrack for "crouching tiger hidden dragon")

They were playing his Water Concerto: for water percussion and orchestra. They were playing these amazing instruments called waterphones. I'll try and see if i can find a photo for tomorrow of one. We had one on the Frou Frou record. Amazing sound. Evelyn entered the albert hall into the "pit" where we were, playing the waterphone in amongst the crowd. Quite an entrance! Such an incredible piece of music.

A bit wobbly! off to sleepybyes...hope you like the movie! xxx



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