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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Seventh Heaven!!

I'm in it!

Wow...they liked it they liked it they liked it....woooo hooooo!!

They're gonna use it They're gonna use it They're gonna use it!!! ha ha ha..I am invinsible!

Coooooo el...

Sorry...I know i'm getting a bit over excited here...but... YIHHHHAAAAAA!

Oooh...I love it too...it's soooooo cute. I'm probably not going to get to see it over here for months but as soon as I know when it's being aired in the States i'll let you Stateside people know.


It just feel so great to know a little piece of me is out there doing the do.

What am I going to be like when I finish this album?

la de da..

Working on MISI still...piano cut ups sounding really lovely...It's a right pain in the arse to find a piano tuner...need to re record the chorus in the new key...can't beat the hammer sounds of a real piano. Always a tell tale in piano samples.

Ra...hungry...wish the cafe was open after 4pm...I always look at the clock after the event.

lots o lovo you crazy hoodlums!

Over and out

Heapy xxx


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